Unexplained Differences

posted 21st Aug 2017, 8:48 PM

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21st Aug 2017, 8:48 PM


This was originally envisioned as more sex-specific. I've thought for a while that there tends to be a general sex difference in level of skill at technical things if for no other reason than that it seems like ladies always have people coming around trying to hang out with them.
I'm not sure how this works out since presumably there's roughly even numbers of each, but somehow each lady has several dudes trying to hang out with her, while each dude is just staying home getting really good at a marketable skill, only occasionally going out to hang with a lady. It doesn't seem to really add up.
But that's kind of vaguely been my impression and was kind of bouncing around in my head as a comic something like this for a while. Then I read this article:


which basically says the same thing: the author, like me, likes to do stuff sometimes, and so is never going to be as uber good at something as the dudes who only ever spend their time getting good at one thing that's actually useful to anyone. (Her response seems to be to move out of tech altogether, although I don't really see what's wrong with doing something even if you're not the best at it.)
So that brought this comic idea up to the front of the queue, but by this time I'm tired of the whole sex thing, and I don't really care to focus on that in particular, however much it is or is not an underlying factor. It is the case for me in particular that I'm doing various other things, including socializing, that prevent me from getting good at anything ever. So, sure, maybe it's because I'm a lady and other people are way more effective at distracting me from my horrendous inner dialogue than things are, so that's where I end up wasting (investing) my time, but I'm going to continue living this fantasy where I'm allowed to have a personality and character traits that are anything other than just because I'm lady.

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